PURR-fect Solutions, LLC™ manufactures and markets innovative pet litter products for customers who desire affordable & environmentally friendly options that outperform traditional pet products. Our company is guided by the following principles:

• Operate our business in the most environmentally and socially responsible manner possible
• Develop innovative products that are good for your cat, your home, and the planet
• Be fair to all stakeholders

These guiding principles lead the development of our animal litter products and provide us the greatest opportunity to become a leader in the environmental movement within the pet litter marketplace.


Our vision is to create a new definition for quality environmentally sound litter products that are good for your cat, your home, and the planet. PURR-fect Solutions, LLC™ uses innovative problem-solving and continuous education to mold ourselves to meet the desires of our customers while becoming more environmentally and socially conscious in our business practices.



Listen to our General Manager, Chett Boxley, talk about PURR-fect Solutions, LLC™ on the radio! 

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Chett begins around the 26 minute mark



PURR-fect Solutions, LLC™ has earned a Green Business Certification from Green America and is a member of Salt Lake City's e2 Business ProgramWe are proud to be taking steps towards becoming a more socially and environmentally sustainable business!



The makers of PURR-fect HARMONY® saw a need for a better way to recycle and re-purpose waste materials; tons of reusable material is being landfilled instead of recycled.

"Let's Recycle More!" - inventors of PURR-fect HARMONY®

Meanwhile, our cat-loving friends and family were becoming more socially and environmentally conscious; they were worried about the negative side effects of strip-mining clay for cat litter – that it depletes natural resources and scars the planet. They were interested in switching to a green litter option, but most didn't want to compromise the performance standards they had come to expect from clay. Sadly, no green litters they tried clumped and controlled odors like they desired!

"Why must we suffer to be environmentally friendly?" - Cat Parents before PURR-fect HARMONY®

The idea - make an environmentally friendly litter out of recycled material that actually works!

Thanks to our patented process, backed by a decade of research, we reclaim landfill-bound materials and create a cat litter that looks like clay, feels like clay, performs like clay, but is 85% recycled. Our unique product is the only high-performance green cat litter on the market. With PURR-fect HARMONY®, you can finally find a litter that meets the demands of an environmentally conscious cat owner.

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